Tuesday, June 22, 2010


"Dad. I told you to stop giving head to THAT LEPRECHAUN
DENNIS RODMAN me....please."


Is there a fucking hippie in your neighborhood? Or God forbid a drum circle? Take a picture, video or seismic reading feel free to send in your hippie submissions to fckinghippies@gmail.com

Send us anything except things relating to jobs, being a productive member of society, having good hair, etc.

If you're too lazy/retarded to type fckinghippies@gmail.com into your email program then click here.


ISIHALADUTB: I'm Sorry I Have A Life And Don't Update This Blog

Luckily for you two readers I have some very eager beavers (and a couple of proudly unpaid staff members) to do the field work for me while I'm getting drunk in different cities no where near people who aren't wearing shoes, so I've got some pretty ridiculous photos from festivals with names like Eeyore's Birthday (yes, the donkey) and Bonaroo. (I did, however, manage to take this very clear and award worthy photo below myself:)

I was planning on eating at Bughouse Cafe* until I saw this and just drowned myself in shitty frozen fruit sangria instead.

Kim Cattrall is probably not a hippie, but fuck her feet. Seriously.

*Not the actual name of the restaurant. But pretty close.