Thursday, April 22, 2010


"You Know What They Say About Flip Flops and Acid"

This guy was at Coachella, a lot more wasted than I think I've ever been (that's a lie.) But he's definitely in a different world (best show ever) and this should teach people to never, EVER wear nasty flip flops - ever.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SIWTV: Sometimes I Watch TV

I shouldn't even be admitting that I sometimes see the occasional American Idol episode. It comes on before Lost and my Lost buddy watches it before hand, and, and..whatever, I somehow manage to keep up by watching half an episode a week.


This fucking hippie. I swear, she really makes me feel conflicted about life and my beliefs.

I hate to say it, but she is the best sounding person on that show.

..I know...I know. She even sang Janis Joplin, it was typical and really gross but between that hispanic guy with those black glasses who thinks he's the jam, the lead singer of nickelback and that really poor version of Z.Efron she's really not going up against much is she?

But she has ugly teeth! Ha! Take that!...



So I went to the beach recently. On top of the fact that I found myself in the middle of 100,000 sand castle competition viewers and tourists with absolutely no alcohol for sale, someone tried to sell me this abomination.

It's like someone let that kid that Matthew McConaughey pulls around with a rope tied to a skateboard go ape shit in the walmart shoe department with a bunch of mardi gras beads and a bowl of meth.

It just makes me sad.

This Is Unacceptable

I have two words for you:

Babysitter's Club Vols 1-29

I think if you pull one of those rabbit feet on her shirt one of those bookshelves will spill open with a starved pair of olsen twins, the singer from that band Of Montreal, and probably Jane Fonda.

BEWARE of fashion hippies. It's everything that a hippie normally comes with minus the classic rock and drugs.

Also, the feet. Ughhh, the feet.